Convention rules



● ● ● ● PREPARATION ● ● ● ●


● All New Players needs to create an eS-league Account individually at the website first before they can be registered to a Team.
*To Create an eS-League Account .. got to " New Player Registration"(below the Top page).

● (after player's registration)... Team owner or manager MUST submit the request for additional or removal of player at the Discord "TRANSFER REPORT" channel.
* The players additional/ removal request deadline will be until 6 pm (japan time) on the day before the match. The fix schedule will be announced with in the progress of the league.


● All Registered Player's Uniform Name setting is MANDATORY. Team Admin must set the Players Uniform name at the Administration menu , "UNIFORM NAME SETTING".

● Registration of Player's Uniform Name and PROFILE IMAGE is MANDATORY for all participating members.
* Double registration of the same player's uniform is not permitted.

● All Registered Player must upload their PROFILE IMAGE individually.
*To upload the profile image , log in to the website using the exact psnID (log in ID) and default password 123456. Select your team and go to "club member" then click on your PsnId then go to "Administration Menu " then select "Profile Image". Image can be any pic that can represent the player ... (selfie ,avatar ,etc.. )
Image must be a jpg or png .. or try to use a smaller data.


● Each Team must submit a video or a Live stream video in You tube for highlight creation and data record of each members participation and TOT.

*The video must be set to display the following ....
# MATCH LOBBY (beginning of the game).
# RATINGS displaying " Dribble Completed ".
# PERFORMANCE.. (of each participating member).

● if the match score is DRAW.. you only have 30 seconds before it goes back to the game.
※to complete your video... go back to the setting menu and continue where you left.

example : ⇒

● If the video is incomplete, provide the necessary details screenshot and submit it to the league Admin before deadline.
※ It is advisable to have several team member recording the video and use it as a backup in case of failure.

● ● ● ● PROGRESS ● ● ● ●


● Please be sure to prepare your team and stand by in the Discord channel (Matching Lobby) 5 minutes before the game starts.

● Please check the uniform color in advance and notify your opponent.

● Send a message in the Discord "MATCHING LOBBY" and approach on the Opposing team.

● Please check Team Table form at the website .." Home Team " is on the left side of the form.

● Home Team should invite the opposing team at the discord Matching lobby.

● Game should start at 11:00 p.m (HONGKONG time).... after 1st match .. please contact your 2nd match opponent and prepare to start your 2nd match at least before 11:40.
*incase of some delays for 2nd match ..Team Captain or Manager must notify the 2nd match opposing team at the matching lobby.

● If club participate in 'Discord matching-lobby' within 10 minutes after the start time of the match, club may be able to play the match.


● All players Must use their PSNID or registered Uniform (Jersey) Name ONLY.
*please reflect your Psnid to "known as" in game.
*if unregistered nick name is used, team captain must inform the admin .. or the players stats will not be updated.


● If a player/s got disconnected with in 10 minute (in-game clock) opponent must be notified and ask for rematch .
● if a player/s got disconnected again .. all aligned players must continue .
● Each team can only have 1 chance to request for rematch per game.
● if the team leave the game twice... the opposing team wins by default 3-0.
● if the score moves before disconnection.. the score will be carried over to the rematch.
● if the disconnection happens after 10 minutes (in-game clock) all aligned player must continue.
● if the team leaves the game after 10 minutes(in-game clock)..the opposing team wins by default 3-0.

● Each Match has only 10 minutes grace period .. if the Opponent do not show up or respond or unable to start with in 10 minutes after scheduled time ,, team will lose the game by default score 0-3 and the Captain will be suspended for the next 1 match.

● if both Teams from 1st match cannot start until 11:10 (due to SERVER ERROR) ,, please coordinate right away with the Management Admin and Opponent and set up a rematch after the 2nd match.

● 2nd match must start with in 11:30 to 11:40 (considering the 10 minutes grace period.)


● If both teams cannot play due to the server malfunction at same day .. both teams must agree for rematch.

● Rematch SCHEDULE DAY AND TIME must be agreed by both teams and reported to the Admin.
* re-schedule must be played with in 3 days.. or both teams will be counted as 0-0 score.


● Team Captain or registered manager must submit the squadlist- score/assist, yellow/red card, youtube video link to the website before deadline.

● Team Captain or registered Managers are the only ones who have access to the MATCH RESULT REPORT page.
*to access: log in with your psnid and password , then go to your CLUB and ADMINISTRATION MENU.
*match report page can only be accessed at the day of the match.

● The deadline for match results is 9:00 AM (JP-TIME), two days after the match.


● Failure to submit Match Report after deadline will be counted as 0 score.

● If the submitted video is incomplete ,, team data will not be update for that match .

●Team with complete submission score will remain.