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eS-League  ASIA  CHAMPIONS  season 3  WINNER

eS-League CHAMPIONS 3rd season have reached the final match last March 10, 2020,
between Malaysia team The Worst Generation VFC (Malaysia div.1 / Group B 1st Qualifier)
and Japan Team Vinculum (Japan 7th / Group A 1st Qualifier).

The head to head battle between 2 powerful teams became one of the most exciting matches of the season .. both Team supporters and fans were nervous and excited
as this match will finalize the seasons strongest team between 2 regions.

Team Captain Pratchaii, who has scored 21 points before the finals, has the most staggering scoring power in The Worst Generation VFC,
followed by their strong players and is a top-ranked regular in the domestic league.
Vinculum, on the other hand, has few wins with an overwhelming points, and there are many games that won and kept the opponent's score aggressively at 0,
Both Teams focus , tactics and strength was witnessed in this final game.
The battle started smoothly ... and ended with clear score ...

The Worst Generation VFC claimed the 1st round.
A scoring in the opening 8th minutes made the team maintain its dominance and scored 3 points, demonstrating the team's strength.
Vinculum also scored a goal in the 75th minutes and seemed to have never finished but did not overturn the gap.
In the 2nd game, Vinculum's tried to keep the shot aggressively and took another goal but The Worst Generation VFC kept their defense and led the game to 0-1 and finalized the match with a total score of 3-2.
The Worst Generation VFC was crowned as eS-League 3rd season CHAMPION .

The Worst Generation VFC is currently in third place in the domestic league (as of March 11, 2020) and will almost certainly have a place in the eS-League ASIA CHAMPIONS 4th season.
There is no doubt that the next Championship will be much more exciting!!!

CONGRATULATIONS To the Team "The Worst Generation !!!!