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National Team Battle Opening Information

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eS-League (The esports tournament management organization) has decided to form an international tournament for each eS-League participating country in Asia by forming a National Team.

eS-League is a football game in the sports genre of esports, mainly in Asia, using Konami's "eFootBall WinningEleven 2020" and Electronic Arts' "FIFA 20" (mainly a 11-player football game). It is a tournament management organization that holds esports league games in participating countries.

eS-League mainly deals with the 11-player mode, and it is a mechanism that you can join the club team first and challenge the competition such as the National league match and Asian Champions.

This time, we have formed selected Representative Teams who are registered to their own National leagues and prepared a stage where the National Teams will compete.

The tournament name is "FIFA 20 eS-League National Team Battle".

Players of the eS-League participating countries and registered team players are eligible to participate.

The National Team Captain is entitled to select a 20 suitable players from the registered teams of the national league and form the National Team Squad.

Players selected as representatives will receive eS-League Points as a representative bonus and also, during the national match, My Page (profile) background will be changed to a special skin.

▼ PR

“Finally, this summer, the battle that cannot be afford to lose! ”
The first Tournament where players from all over the world will gather and have a hot battle with National Pride!

Will it be the new eye catcher Japanese team? or the Singapore teams who actually won 2 consecutive tittles for Asia Champions Tournament ? .. or a Dark Horse may come Along and shine on this battle .

The first eS-League National Team Tournament will start on July 5, 2020!

Everyone's support will strengthens the National Teams !!!

▼ Tournament outline

Tournament: FIFA20 eS-League National Team Battle

Host: eS-League

Software used: FIFA20 (Product of Electronic Arts)

Use mode: Pro club mode (11vs11)

Event period: July 5 to August 2, 2020

Number of participating countries: 6 countries

Tournament method: Round-robin league

Competition prize (JPY): 1st place =¥80000 / 2nd place =¥20000 / MVP =¥10000

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