FIFA 11vs11 / eS-League Singapore Season 6

Tournament name
eS-League Singapore Season 6
Game model
Playstation 4
Software used
Fifa 21
Entry period
October 5 - October 20 (5 pm Singapore time deadline)
October 28
Start time
11 pm Singapore time
Game format
1 leg
Ways to contact
※Game format might change depending on the numbers of participating teams. All communication and updates will be announced on eS-League Discord channel.


Hi Guys!!! This is Lulu from eS-League !! Finally ! We are are opening the registration for eS-League Singapore Season 6 for FIFA 21 !!!

eS-League Singapore has been one of the most active and competitive national league within the last 5 seasons in eS-League! All the Teams were cooperative and focused on each matches each week! Each season are becoming more challenging and exciting seeing each team grows and develop their skills.

As the community grows ... My eS-League team and I are welcoming each proclub teams to join our upcoming Season and have a chance to win big prizes on eS-League Championship Tournaments after each season.!!

Your participation will always be valued and appreciated!

I will personally attend to all of our participants and do my best to a fun and healthy community...come and be a part of this season !!

here is our Discord Channel: