Convention rules


● Tournament name "eS-League CUP"

● Schedule will be decided according to the Schedule survey report that will be delivered to the registered teams.

● In tournaments, a combination of tournaments is determined by raffle draw.

● The H&A is the second round of the game applied only in the case of equal score in total score.

● if Away goal is applied during the tie game score, you must proceed to the 3rd game.

● If the 3rd match is the tie, play the 4th match, then repeat the game until the final match is settled.

● All data after the 3rd game will be entered as the 3rd match.
※ If you take 1 point for the 3rd match and 2 points for the 4th match, register 3 points on the input form for the 3rd match.

● The game starts with an invitation from the side designated as home.
※ If you can not send due to some trouble, the AWAY side will invite.

● Please be aware not to choose uniforms with the similar color as your opponent.

● In the first match of the day, if there is no response from the opponent club even after the start time 10 minutes, it will be treated as a (3-0) match.

● In case of fog, snow, keep in touch with Discord and make a re-game.

● Only if more than one member fell after the start of the game, we will make a re-game. (It is not covered by one individual line drop.)
* It is possible to re-match as many times as it does not affect the next game.
・ [In case of first half drop] After reserving time to that point, resume the game.
・ [In case of late fall] left in the first half until the time that fell from the start of the second half
(if dropped in the late 60 minutes, left until 15 minutes in the first half), and re- match.

● Try to adjust the game schedule after reporting to the operation that was postponed due to a failure of the EA server.

● Can use "Giant throw" and "Long throw", but "ANY" operation is prohibited.

● The clubs who violated in the above case will be treated as 0-3 defeat process.

● Keeper disturbance at FK or CK is a victory point. if it is a malicious act , there will be deduction to the points,and shall be discussed each time.
* Disabled when scoring by obstruction.

● By pressing to the COM keeper, points obtained from punt kick obstruction will be invalid.
* Since it may be considered as a score, please submit a movie.

● There is no suspended participation due to the accumulation of yellow cards.
※ Cards are counted.

● Players who have been sent off by 1 red or 2 yellow cards will be suspended from the next section.

● Unregistered players are not allowed to participate on the portal sites.

● When playing to provoke without paying respect to the opponent, and the management determined a malicious act,the player will be suspended.
(The number of games will be judged by management).

● The ineffective team should register the players who will participate by position and register as if COM scored 3 goals.

● Please distribute on youtube.
* Please cooperate as we use it as a verification material when any problem occurs.

● Propaganda such as provoking is prohibited.
* If too much severe attacking action is confirmed, we will consider fine handling & suspension of the player.

● Slander in using SNS, penalties will be imposed as soon as management finds it.

● For the game result, the player having supervising authority must always report for program process before 4 AM.

● Please be sure to submit the report of the transferring player or withdrawal from Discord.